First meeting of the BeerBy-4-OliveFly project team (HRZZ-IP-2022-10-9643)

On Monday, January 29, 2024, a meeting of the HRZZ project IP-2022-10-9643 “Novel approach to olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae, Rossi) monitoring and/or control using volatile compounds produced by brewing by-product – BeerBy-4-OliveFly” was held at the Institute for Adriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation (IAC) in Split. The meeting was attended by Ph.D. Valerija Dunkić and Ph.D. Marija Nazlić from the Faculty of Science University of Split, members of the IAC project team and the project leader. The meeting started at 11 am and was chaired by the project leader, Ph.D. Elda Vitanović. At the meeting, Ph.D. Vitanović presented general information about the BeerBy-4-OliveFly project and introduced its goals, future research and expected results to the members of the project team. In particular, she referred to the activities, results, goals and procurement planned for the first year of research (December 30, 2023 – December 29, 2024). During the meeting, all the mentioned activities were clearly divided among the members of the project team in order to achieve all the goals set in the project proposal.